The TEACHING fellowship applications are open!


Photos by Carissa Carter

Photos by Carissa Carter

A fellowship for practicing designers who want to develop experiential teaching and learning methods for design and design thinking. 

The teaching fellowship is a 12.5 month program aimed at developing excellence in the experiential teaching and learning of design thinking. We’re looking for fellows that come from either inside or outside the Stanford community who want to raise the bar in the teaching of design and design thinking, join our supportive, energetic, creative workplace, and enjoy the crazy momentum of the experience.

As a teaching fellow, you’ll teach courses, build new methods, create artifacts and form relationships on many levels. You’ll be expected to work in small groups as well as individually. You should equally love a high degree of autonomy, as well as continuous collaboration and feedback from your peers and the larger community.


The teaching fellowship is 12.5 months in length. It begins mid-August 2016 and runs through the end of August 2017. Fellows are full-time employees at Stanford for the duration of the experience, with full benefits and salary.



What type of people are we looking for?
You are a practicing designer or work in a creative role. You have significant experience with design and design thinking and a desire to mash up and share methods, interact with students, create new formats of learning experience, and bring the latest tools, techniques, and trends from the outside world into the learning environment. You might be excited about the future of design and science, or the intersection of k12 education and systems design, or the possibilities of merging design with public policy. We are interested in what you think is important and impactful.  

Please note, at the we are committed to creating a teaching and learning environment that reflects the Stanford student body, and diversity is important to us. It is a fundamental part of excellence at Stanford. A wide range of opinions, perspectives, and experiences is essential, as a diverse community asks unexpected questions and contributes divergent insights, pushing the forefront of knowledge further and faster. Diversity includes, but is not limited to, categories of culture, socioeconomic background, race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disabilities, religion, and life experience. 

How to apply:
Submit all application materials here by 11:59 p.m. PST April 8, 2016:

Basic requirements to apply:

  1. Masters degree or higher and work experience outside of school. Please submit a traditional or non-traditional resume. Yes, we accept international applicants.
  2. Significant design and design thinking experience. Please share a portfolio of yourself as a design thinker. This might include projects you’ve pursued, methods you’ve developed, courses you’ve taught, or personal processes you follow. We’re looking to see that you have a sense for you who are as a designer and design thinker.
  3. Express a strong point of view about a topic or subject that you feel the should take on. Share with us a 1 min (max) video of you explaining this topic and its importance. Why is the the right place to pursue this topic? What form would it take? What place do you have in driving this subject forward? 

Application ARE NOW CLOSED.

Selection Process:

  • First round notifications: April 25, 2016
  • Second round Skype interviews: Weeks of May 2nd and May 9th, 2016
  • In person interview experience: May 23rd or 24th (TBD). Please hold all full days and plan to be at the If you are selected for the in person interview experience, transportation and expenses will be covered for those not located in the Bay Area. 

Final decisions will be made June 1, 2016.