Nihir Shah

Teaching fellow

Trying to come up with a succinct and apt metaphor helps to uncover the essence of a challenge or solution. I’ve seen its value in so many ways—reframing, testing ideas,’s an entertaining exercise and can be very generative. That’s when you know you’ve found a good one!
— Nihir Shah (on his favorite design method)

Fresh from the Stanford Design Master’s Program, Nihir is excited to be a part of people's lives on multiple levels as a designer. Interactions, relationships, behaviors, the built environment and cities are jumping off points for his work. He’s currently exploring systems thinking, simple design that wears well and the challenges of urbanism. Nihir’s favorite side project at the moment is with Project Citizen, where he’s helping update civic engagement for the 21st century citizen.

Prior to graduate school, Nihir designed furniture and architectural metalwork in Austin, TX. He has lived and adventured around the world, fulfilling dreams such as hiking across Spain on the Camino de Santiago, studying Kung Fu in China, and playing cajón flamenco in Madrid. 

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