Hannah Jones

Teaching Fellow

Arthur Koestler coined the term ‘bisociation’ to describe the moment when two seemingly unconnected contexts form a new relationship and develop a shared meaning or purpose. I’ve applied the concept of bisociation to develop workshop methods that deal with the awkward, clumsy and ambiguous beginnings of creating a design proposal or idea. These methods work to diffuse a sense of ownership in a team, embrace difference and generate systemic themes. I enjoy the spontaneity of the method, rapidly combining ideas with collaborators to create unforeseen possibilities.
— Hannah Jones (on her favorite design method)

Hannah Jones is a design educator and researcher who enjoys developing collaborative and emergent methods for sustainable futures in design, education and community contexts.

In search of a big adventure, Hannah moved to San Francisco in March 2014 on an 18-month sabbatical from her job as a lecturer in design at Goldsmiths, University of London, UK. She immediately fell in love with the Californian landscape and people and decided to stay longer. Over the course of 12 years at Goldsmiths, Hannah co-developed cutting-edge pedagogic practices around the design and facilitation of metadesign tools and processes, design ethics and sustainability, action-orientated design writing and co-authorship. As programme leader of MA Design Futures and Metadesign, she has been invited to teach across Europe.

Hannah is deeply curious about awkward space in cities and passionate about using design thinking to engage citizen-led creative teams in collective visioning processes around future cities. Hannah’s PhD design project, ‘Practicing Awkward Space in the City’ (2014), explored physical and social aspects of awkward space and how the concept can be used to seed collaborative design processes that spur localized change. You can follow Hannah on Twitter at @hannahutopia

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