Tim Shriver

Tim has been involved with Special Olympics all his life, but he didn’t realize growing up that it represented a significant departure from many societal standards. “Every time I went to a Special Olympics event,” Tim says, “I walked out of a world where human value was determined by test scores and appearances … (and) into a world where the human spirit reigned supreme.” Tim is a Dream Director with The Future Project, a national movement that empowers high school students to declare their dreams and put them in action. At the NYC Lab School the past two years, he used his skills for organizing and inspiring youth-led movements to give students a sense of ownership over their education. The roots of this work come from his involvement with Special Olympics and his experience as co-founder of Spread the Word to End the Word, a national initiative Tim helped launch six years ago as a sophomore at Yale University. The movement is a global campaign to stop the casual and pejorative use of the word “retard.” The initiative now has nearly 500,000 pledges and holds more than 2,000 events annually at schools, college campuses and community centers. The Future Project is coming to several San Francisco public schools this fall, and Tim will use his d.school fellowship to prototype a model for its future expansion.