David Clifford

David builds learning environments. A maker, teacher and advocate for social justice, he was a founding member of East Bay School for Boys, a 6th-8th grade independent school in Berkeley that’s dedicated to nurturing boys to become compassionate, accountable and creative problem-solvers deeply connected to social justice and equity. Before that, David held numerous roles in his 13 years at Lick-Wilmerding High School in San Francisco, a “private school with a public purpose” founded in 1895. He was the technical arts department chair, metal fabrications teacher and a founding member of Lick’s Center for Civic Engagement. David has designed and developed a number of courses, including:

The Philanthropy Initiative, a cross-curricular class placing social investment and philanthropy at the core of the student experience;

- The EBSB Work Pillar, a three-year program using self-knowing, practical skills and the love of learning to compassionately create and communicate with oneʼs environment;

- Private Skills for a Public Purpose, a service-learning course for metal-fabrications students to design and build school desks and storage for Oakland public schools;

- Senegal Service Learning Project, an ongoing partnership between high school students and rural villagers with projects including solar lighting, the building of schools desks, playgrounds and classrooms, and

- Redesigning the Colorblind Mind, a workshop as a POCIS (People of Color in Independent Schools) board member using design thinking to help redesign well-intentioned, progressive school cultures to be more inclusive and equitable to their communities of color.

David is married and has two daughters. His d.school fellowship project centers on his work to launch a co-ed high school in Oakland in 2016.

Photo credit: Roots and Shoots