The Project Fellows Program

The Project Fellowship is a program for "restless experts" -- talented individuals with a record of remarkable work in their domains, looking to go beyond what they know and innovate new solutions, platforms and initiatives in their fields. The fellowship is an opportunity to do this hard work of innovation while leveraging their own expertise and applying the tools of design. The concept of the program is to actively conduct human-scale experiments and work toward effective systems change in the world. Each year we seek candidates for the fellowship who have a record of remarkable work, and who are now looking to innovate in their field by learning and using the tools of design.

The Teaching Fellows Program

The teaching fellowship is a one-year program aimed at developing excellence in the experiential teaching and learning of design thinking. We’re looking for fellows that hail from both inside and outside the Stanford community who want to raise the bar in design thinking, join our supportive, energetic, creative workplace, and enjoy the crazy momentum of the experience.

As a teaching fellow you’ll teach courses, build new methods, create artifacts, and form relationships on many levels. You’ll be expected to work in small groups as well as individually. You should equally love a high degree of autonomy as well as continuous collaboration and feedback from your peers and the larger community.