IDEO's Barbara Beskind on wealth, time, fantasy & design

It's not every day you get to peek into a designer's notebook -- not to mention one whose personal history is as broad and as deep as Barbara Beskind's. A look through Barbara's notebooks is like exploring a greenhouse of colorful and fast-growing plants. It's little wonder she works at IDEO.

Oh, Barbara is 90 years old.

Her design work started when she was 8 years old, designing toys for friends during the Great Depression. She went on to work with World War II and Vietnam veterans as an occupational therapist, going overseas to Germany for two years. The 1956 Russian invasion of Hungary, she said, was the scariest time of her career. Eventually she founded an independent occupational therapy clinic -- the first in the US. These facts of her life were covered by The Wall Street Journal this past April.

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