'Design School X': Prototyping a new school

Two of the d.school fellows -- David Clifford and Jae Rhim Lee -- are launching their design sprints today at the d.school. This means that both fellows will start working with their design teams on key aspects of their projects. The design teams are made up of the remaining fellows split into teams of two -- one for David, the other for Jae Rhim. Jae Rhim is an artist and researcher. Her project centers around death-care, particularly how to improve the ways individuals address, process and otherwise prepare for dying and death. We'll have more on her project here in the coming days and weeks.

In the meantime, David Clifford, a founding member of the East Bay High School for Boys, is prototyping a new school "to build in our students the agency to affect change, agility to seek out and navigate complex dilemmas and access to one's purpose and character."

He has, as part of this process, created a Tumblr -- a collection of ideas, quotes, videos and articles. It is a fluid showcase of his ideas, points of inspiration and sources of information around his emerging prototype.

The tumblr being curated by d.school fellow David Clifford.
The tumblr being curated by d.school fellow David Clifford.

Part of our goal here on the whiteboard is to capture aspects of the creative process. David's tumblr, which he also feeds to his Twitter account (@ebhighschool), is merely one part of his process, which also involves planning, scheduling to bring his prototype to life.

If you have questions about David's project, please post them in the comments. In the meantime, we look forward to bringing you more in the coming days and weeks.