History, learning & complexity: A conversation about design

Two of our fellows, SAP Chief Design Officer Sam Yen and Mark One Vice President of Design Jason Mayden joined d.school Global Director and Co-founder George Kembel on an episode of "Future of Business with Game Changers" in November. The program was broadcast on SAP Radio and hosted by Bonnie Graham. The conversation starts with Jason and the power of looking backwards as well as forward in design.

"I find my greatest inspiration in history," he said. Humility also emerged as a central theme.

"I think humility is the lifeblood of a great designer," Jason continued. "I can't do what I do without being humble, without realizing that someone is better than me."

George was invited to join in shortly thereafter, and started with a focus on the rapid and constant change of the world and the need to "prioritize learning over expertise."

"I think we find ourselves in a moment of pretty profound change," said George. "It's not what we know that matters, it's our capacity to learn that matters."

Then Sam joined in, invited to start with a quote he chose prior to the program: "Beauty is only skin deep."

"There's this notion that design is for designers, and there's a design team that can come in and just make something look pretty," said Sam. "It goes much deeper than that. Design really matters in a complex world, because design brings a point of view and is actually a guide through complexity."

The entire conversation runs just under an hour, and if you have a chance to listen and wish to share your thoughts, please do so in the comments.

(via Voice America)