Bringing design thinking to Pilot

On Nov. 15, Tania Anaissie, our course production lead, and I will join Pilot in East Palo Alto. Pilot is a national organization that holds hands-on educational events for high-school students. While we're there, we're going to kick-start the event with a workshop on design thinking and ideation, bringing some of the approaches to problem solving, team-work and creativity that we use at the to a new context.

Why are we doing this? Well, we're interested to see how high schoolers use our techniques differently from college students, and what we can learn from their experience. We're not the only ones undertaking this kind of work at the Our d.leadership team has undertaken a similar challenge at East Side College Preparatory School, also in East Palo Alto.

Here's the plan for the day. Once we have finished the introduction, students will work in teams for the remainder of the day-long workshop to generate ideas and then learn how to bring them to life in a digital form. They will then pitch their apps or web sites to a panel of local community members at the end of the day. Local engineers, designers, and educators are invited to share their expertise and to mentor the students throughout the day.

"At Pilot students learn how to think creatively, pitch and demo their projects and more practical skills like how to code and design. Most importantly, they learn how to learn," says Mayank Jain, co-founder of Pilot and the one who reached out to collaborate with the

If you will be attending, we'd love to hear from you. If you are interested in bringing this kind of experience to your school, let us know and check out our K-12 Lab Network to learn more about the work we're doing to foster creative confidence in schools.