Quick & dirty: Deploying an insight-capture prototype

I built a prototype tonight. It's quick, dirty, to the point, and, quite frankly, I think it's going to fail completely. But I want to know why. One of the persistent challenges at the d.school is getting individuals to share the stories of their learning. They're too busy doing to share. So, I continue to test new ways to mine for these golden nuggets. My latest effort is a short, sweet Google form. It consists of four fields: Name, date, a call for one insight and another call for one wish. The prompts for the last two fields are "I was surprised to learn..." and "It would be incredible if...".

So, who am I testing with. I sent the form to one fellow (rather than blasting it to all of the fellows at once) to get a response and and iterate from there.

I have been meaning to build and test this prototype for a while:

A year ago, I would have considered this too simple to even bother writing about, but every prototype counts. What if there are better questions I could ask, or if there's a better tool I could use? What if it works for the one fellow I asked to test it and fails with the rest? Only through testing methods and sacrificing prototypes can we learn where to go next.

I'll let you know what happens...