Let's talk the future of living and learning at Stanford

Exhibit_Title Update: Here's our recap of this week's chat with the Stanford2025 team. We're still tweaking our more concise, curated recap. Let us know if we missed something you think should be added. In the meantime, we look forward to your ideas around the re-designing of higher education!

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It was a time of shifts and vitality and experimentation and technology. Stanford University in 2025 was buzzing with change and promise. We’ve attempted to re-create those exhilarating times in Stanford2025.

Imagine you're standing in the year 2100. You’ve been transported through time to a museum exhibit celebrating the four major shifts in living and learning that Stanford University experimented with in the years leading up to 2025. Your handed a museum catalog and read the text above.

This was the setting on May 1, 2014 for guests who visited the d.school to witness Stanford2025 -- an immersive experience marking the culmination of a year-long project funded by the Dean of Mechanical Engineering and carried out by the d.school. The Stanford2025 exhibition introduced four potential future changes to Stanford students' living and learning experience in the future: Open Loop University, Paced Education, Axis Flip, and Purpose Learning.

The ideas behind these futures are rooted in the work of many contributors, including students who participated in one of the classes examining the topic, a team of nine d.school faculty and designers, and a network of active experimenters, stakeholders, and faculty.

In this #dchat we’d love your thoughts and feedback on the four futures. Check out the videos and supporting content.

We'll begin promptly at 6pm and end at 7pm PST. You can follow the conversation by tracking the hashtag #dchat on Twitter. We will have a number of people from the Stanford2025 project online, including:

Carissa Carter - @snowflyzone Lecturer, d.school

Ashish Goel  - @ashpodel Teaching fellow, d.school

Scott Doorley - @scottdoorley Creative Director, d.school

Tania Anaissie - @anaissie Designer, d.school

Seamus Harte - @seamusharte Designer, d.school

We look forward to a lively conversation!