Designing for the confidence gap

(Photo by Flickr user Lance Neilson) Roughly two weeks ago, Fellow Anne Gibbon wrote about ways in which design thinking could help alleviate the confidence gap -- the disparity between the confidence men and women bring to their professional lives. Citing her own experience, Anne outlined a ten-minute prototype, which she used to help increase her own confidence.

She finds that often the challenge isn't that women aren't sure of what they know, they're hesitant to put their work into the world.  She believes women need to learn to take bigger risks with prototypes they develop day-to-day.  What if women pivoted their focus from the initial judgment of failure or success to focusing on maximizing the number of opportunities they have to learn, such as in a full design cycle? The new bridge to cross the confidence gap involves dropping the need for a certain outcome and focusing on the process.

What do you think? What's your bridge? Or do you even see the confidence gap in your 9-to-5?  Join Anne (@AlcinoeSea) on Tuesday, May 6 between 6 and 7 PST on Twitter. Follow along via #dchat.

Update: Thank you to everyone who joined us for #dchat this week with Fellow Anne Gibbon. We have our recap available now: