LaunchPad sketched: The first class

LaunchPad is among the more well-known classes. It's unique in that it's less focused on learning design thinking and more so on implementation and output. Demand among students to get into the class is high, given that the class stands to help accelerate them and their startup to market. Once teams are accepted, they are confronted with a slew of work and surprises. I went through LaunchPad last year with my app, Law Dojo, and now I'm sitting in on this year's class to sketch out what happens with the current crop of startups and the teaching team. Here's a sketched version of the first class, from earlier this month:

Launchpad Class 1 Intro Launchpad Class  1 PitchesLaunchpad Class 1 Vote Launchpad Class 1 - Debrief of the Pitches Launchpad Class 1 - Values of hte class