Metaphor as a tool for design

Update on March 31: Thanks to everyone who joined us for #dchat this week! Here's the recap via Storify:

Original Post:  It's Tuesday, and we're back with another #dchat topic and a special guest host. Ashish Goel, a teaching fellow at the and startup founder, will be leading tonight's discussion. The topic: "How can the language of metaphor be used as a powerful design tool?"

Ashish Goel, teaching fellow.

What if, instead of approaching a design challenge literally, such as designing a new car feature, you approach it metaphorically. Replacing the car with something else, such as a horse-drawn chariot or something perhaps even more indirectly related? How would that change the way you undertake the challenge, or help generate ideas that you might otherwise not have been able to?

Ashish will be online from 6-7pm PM tonight to take your questions and discuss this. So, follow the hashtag #dchat and follow Ashish on twitter at @ashpodel.