Why the creativity wave should -- and will -- never, ever crest

(Photo via Flickr user Supernico26) There's a lot of talk going around about creativity. There was  The New York Times story about the d.school this past December, and the companies and organizations that have been influenced by the design-thinking instruction taught here. Then there was another Times story about the rise of creativity as an academic discipline.

Then, just yesterday in Fast Company, a piece drawing on the second creativity piece in the Times appeared on the question of whether creativity can be taught. On Monday, Fast Company had another post exploring five ways we neglect our creativity (and how we can bring it back). Oh, and don't forget the four things we get wrong about creativity.

A piece appeared on The Economist earlier this month exploring the connection between creativity and cheating. Meanwhile, Business Insider offers "three simple ways to boost your creativity". The list goes on.

Creativity is, like, so in right now, right?

Yes, and here's the thing: it should never be considered out.

I was interested in creativity since well before I arrived at the d.school, having written about it while at The Washington Post. (Note: I stand by the power of "no", even in the wake of learning about the strength of "yes and".) I arrived at the d.school shortly before the release of David and Tom Kelley's book "Creative Confidence." I read a preview copy of the book during my cross-country flight to try and prepare as best I could for the adjustment to the d.world. 

This wave of interest in creativity -- how to teach, cultivate and support it in ourselves and others -- is not new. It is merely the latest surge of an existing wave that springs from a deep and urgent need to find new ways -- any way -- to solve some of the long-standing problems we face around the world. That need has always been there, and will remain as long as we have problems to solve and opportunity to consider potential solutions. So, if you're seeing a lot written about creativity and wondering if it's hot right now, it is. It always has been and always should be.

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