#dchat: Design & the law

(Photo via Flickr user  Mark Fischer) Can we re-design the law to make it more accessible to the general public while creating more opportunities for the nation's lawyers -- if so, how? We have someone at the d.school working on that. Margaret Hagan, in addition to holding a law degree from Stanford, holds a Ph.D. in Politics and International Studies from Queens University in Belfast. She is an illustrator and a designer interested in changing the legal world using design thinking.

Margaret has illustrated a number of pieces for the whiteboard, including a piece where she chronicles the missions of law and design. She has also created the Open Law Lab, "an initiative to design law". So, how would you do it? How would you re-design the law? Where would you start -- immigration, taxes, property, contracts?

Now is your chance to chat with Margaret about it, because it's Tuesday, which means tonight is #dchat -- one hour to chat about design thinking and the messy problems and questions around a central theme. So, join us tonight at 6pm PT to talk law and design with Margaret. You can follow Margaret at @MargaretHagan, and you can check out last week's #dchat with d.school fellowships director Justin Ferrell on emergence.