10 Things I've learned at the d.school so far

The d.school fellows during fellows studio towards the end of fall quarter. Here are the 10 things I have learned so far as a d.school fellow:

1.  Need finding is the critical first step that leads to problem solving.

2. The story of the old fish and the two young fish. In the story, the old fish said to the two young fish, "How's the water today?" The young fish, confused, swam on, one saying to the other, "What's water?" Here's the takeaway: I learned the significance of finding innovation in the obvious.  This requires being able to, for example, see things that appear obvious in retrospect. Think: wheels on luggage.

3. Process flexing. That is to say the design thinking process is not a cookbook. The mindsets are more than the process.  You can flex the process but randomizing the order is not the way.

4. The importance of team and the d.shrink is real.

DSC013445. The power of energy, flow and emergence.

6. Redesigning Stanford and the what-ifs that rock the ship.

7. The value of life-sized prototyping

8. Creative confidence is infectious

9. The power of the "benevolent critique"

10. Fidelity rocks: We are doing a great job with design thinking and moving the culture!