10 signs you may be a design thinker

It can be difficult to describe  design thinking  to folks who have never heard of it before. First, you have to clear up the misconception that you are building Web sites or sewing designer clothes. (Granted, you could employ design thinking tools in either of these pursuits.) Design thinking is a process, and those who practice it here at the d.school probably identify with most, if not all, of these 10 attributes. Now, on to the list!

#1 When I say "yes" you say...

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Exactly. Because when you drop a "yes, and", this is basically what you and your design team member's ideas are doing:


#2 You after conducting your first empathy interview:

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Undeterred, you go in for another:

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After your third interview, you start asking yourself this before every conversation:


#3: You show. You don't tell.

This is the word "city." This is a city:

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Moving on.

#4: You're always telling people this is NOT what you do.

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Not to say you wouldn't help a big name fashion house if they asked you to. 

#5: This is your happy place.



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#6: That moment in the middle of your team's design project when everyone is trying really, really hard not to shoot ideas out of the sky.

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#7: When your team realizes they are on the other side of crazy:

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Hint: What's on the other side of crazy? Fabulous.

#8: When a non-design thinker does this during a high-pressure meeting . . .


You do this:


Design thinking gives you the confidence to know that it all comes together in the end.

#9: You need a steady supply of these


And These:


Or you start to do this:

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#10: When you and your team realize that your  prototype failure is just the next step toward success:



Celebrate your users and happy design thinking, folks. 

Did we miss something? Let us know what defines design thinking for you in the comments!