The #dchat roundup: Getting 'the wheels moving again'

dchat-artSo, we held our first #dchat on Tuesday, and we want to thank everyone who participated. Sorry to be a day late with the roundup -- we have a lot going on here at the d. The #dchat was a raucous good time. We had Justin Ferrell, our director of fellowships here at the, fielding questions. The topic was pretty broad (we'll work on that for next time), but you all brought your A-game. Here are some of the highlights from this week's chat:

What is design thinking?

Justin offered up his favorite thing about design thinking...

And some advice on being comfortable with what's uncomfortable:

...and the most amazing thing he'd tell a 9th grader who wanted to use design thinking to change the world:

There was an interesting discussion about empathy:

Not-so-old acquaintances were found:

There were Post-It notes all over the place, of course:

And there was some #meta action:

And the one thing we really wanted to happen happened: We helped inspire!

See you all next week, and thanks so much for tuning in! We'll see you Tues. at 6pm PT!