Oh, Hi!

This is the digital whiteboard and sticky notes for the Stanford d.school community.

This is the digital poster-board -- the home -- for our ideas. Our leadership, our project teams (including Teaching and Learning, the K12 Lab Network and Executive Education), our fellows in both the project and teaching fellows programs, our teaching teams and, most importantly, our students share their ideas and work of various levels of fidelity here with the wider world. 

In this home, the walls and floors were made to be drawn and doodled on and there is a hint of permanent markers and excitement always in the air. This is a space for vulnerability in creativity.

We fully and openly acknowledge that what appears here is never really finished, and none of it is gospel. This is not a "blog" in the traditional sense. We will erase things and replace things and build on things old and new. We seek as much to inform and inspire as we do to teach by example. We ask others to fail fast and fail often, to tell the stories of their work, and to celebrate innovators over innovations. This is an equal playing field, and we will practice what we preach here.

The whiteboard is a living, breathing collection of ideas, prototypes, attempts, failures and successes. Much like our physical space here at Stanford, the whiteboard is constantly changing. Don't expect the same thing every day. We are, to be true to our mission, perpetually living with discomfort. The whiteboard exists to celebrate the innovator and inspire them to exercise their creative confidence in the pursuit of innovation.